Born Again home

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd. Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

our heart


Mike's heart

"Growing up a Navy brat and living in eight different states, Mike consistently dealt with change and the adversities that change can bring. This revolving door of new environments and friendships so early on placed a desire in Mike's heart for continuity and stability. That desire has taken shape in the form of consistent, loyal, and faithful servant-hood in pretty much all aspect's of his adult life. Mike has consistently walked with the Lord since he met Him at a young age. Despite some difficult circumstances and  valleys, God has carried Mike through every time. Because of our Savior's promise to never leave us or forsake us, and Mike's willingness to trust that, we are here today. Mike is the cornerstone of our family. His alignment with the Father, his dedication to me, and his love for our boys is undoubtedly a manifestation of God's love. I'm often found scratching my head wondering if this man is real. He swears he's only here for support, but I've got a feeling there's much more to come from this guy. His heart for Jesus and his love for family boils down to one thing: Only God."



Kelly's heart

I'm an "all-in" type of gal. From a little girl growing up in my grandparent's antique mall to the wife and mother I am today, I have always loved change and seeing old things become new, and I usually stop at nothing to see it. Change has never been something that intimidates me. Instead, I embrace it. From turning a house into a home by way of creative interiors to witnessing old hearts become new by placing faith in Jesus Christ, it's fair to say I'm on a mission. I have been radically rescued by God and fully redeemed in Christ, and I want nothing more than for others to experience the true freedom that can be found by total surrender. I'm passionate about following Jesus and sharing what that looks like to people who may be "lukewarm" in their faith. 

Since my walk with Jesus began, the Holy Spirit has been teaching me things; lessons that I have written down over the past year. I hope you enjoy these writings on the "Our Story - Blog" section of this website. There may even be some posts from Mike in the very near future! And if you enjoy interior design, I've also shared some photos of my design work as I turn my new little hill country house into a home!


Our heart

We are a family sold out to Jesus and passionate about sharing what it looks like to follow Him. Our home has been renovated in every sense of the word by the One True God, and wow, are we happy with the renovation! We are excited and expectant to see what God is going to do in your life and your home. We hope our stories encourage and inspire you. God bless!