Born Again home

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd. Family redeemed. House restored. Sheep to the Shepherd.

Home Design Tips



Food is a central part to relationship building. You want this space to feel inclusive to guests but also a place where family can relax and conversation can be made. I chose a circle table for this space because the room was almost an exact square. Dimensions and choosing the shape of your table is important to creating a dining space that's functional and aesthetically pleasing.



Create a space that calms you and eliminates as many distractions as possible. A lot of contrast and pops of color can be fun, but also prove distracting for a study that you spend a lot of time in. Take advantage of as much natural light as possible, and capitalize on earthy tones to create balance and harmony. This will undoubtedly aid in your study time!



Bedrooms are always a fun place to use color and play off themes; especially if you are designing a kids room. Don't be afraid to use big bold colors on one wall or all four like I did. Contrast is a great way to add a "wow" factor to any room. Are you designing a room for a child? Think about the things they are into and brainstorm creative ways to make their interests come to life. 



Greenery doesn't seem like it would do much to a space, but you'd be surprised!! Having a real, or even faux, plant in a room can do so much for the interior design of a space. Besides being the perfect piece to layer a room, plants also evoke a sense of calm upon entrance. If you're decorating with a real plant, put one near a window and watch how it reaches toward the sunlight creating dynamic lines in your space. Don't forget to water!



Once you have your furniture picked out, it's time to decorate (also known as layering). Layering is exciting because it pulls the room together, but it can also be a bit daunting. The best advice I can give is pick out things you actually like - not things just to "fill" the space. If you are doing pops of color with your accents, make sure the color(s) you use are in three more places within eye shot. The color can also be in a rug. It's always smart to think about complementary colors when planning your home design.